The Top 5 Charities That Help Our Veterans

Celebrated on the 11th of November every year, Veterans Day remains one of the most memorable days in U.S. history. Americans show love, respect, and honor to all war veterans on this day.

Thousands of nonprofit foundations have been formed to give monetary support and services to veterans. Veterans, their families, and active service members enjoy these charity events.

These charities provide essential relief to men and women who sacrifice a lot for their country. Here, we provide you with the top five charities that help our veterans.

1. Bob Woodruff Family Foundation

This foundation was started by Bob Woodruff, who doubled up as a journalist and a co-anchor for one of the new programs for ABC News. While reporting in Iraq in 2006, Bob's vehicle got hit by a roadside bomb.

Having sustained a brain injury, Woodruff was immediately rushed to the Naval Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland. While Bob was under admission, his wife engaged with other families affected by traumatic brain injuries.

After spending some time in the Naval Hospital, Bob started to heal. During this time, he and his wife started the Bob Woodruff Family Foundation.

The main aim of this charity foundation was to show support to troops, veterans, and their family members. Bob’s foundation enjoys a charity navigator rating of about 97.62%.

Besides, 82% of the foundations’ expenses go towards their different programs. Bob Woodruff Foundation provides housing, legal services, and food banks to men and women of service.

The foundation has programs that address fertility and scientific concerns affecting post-911 veterans. A good example is the Veterans In Vitro InitiAtive, VIVA. VIVA funds the unpaid expenses veterans deal with resulting from their infertility treatments.

2. Home for Our Troops

Home for our Troops is a charity foundation with a charity navigator rating of 91.51%. Also, about 85% of the organization's expenses support its charity programs.

Home for our Troops has already built 317 homes. The foundation is looking forward to completing 66 more units. These homes are customized for injured veterans and surpass ADA compliance requirements.

Every built home sits on 2800 square feet of land and has dropped countertops. You’ll also find roll-under access for wheelchairs, broadened entryways, and hallways.

Other customized features include roll-in showers, automatic tubs, and other electrical appliances.

Veterans who get these houses have undergone severe injuries on the battlefield. Most of them have amputated legs and suffer from traumatic brain injuries. Others are fully paralyzed.

Home for our Troops continues supporting our veterans even after moving into their homes. Such support includes getting a three-year pro-bono financial advisor and a mentorship program.

This foundation also has plans underway to partner with other nonprofit foundations. Such partnership helps provide veterans employment, education, training, and health opportunities.

3. Operation Second Chance

Founded by Cindy McGrew, Operation Second Chance started in 2004. The foundation enjoys a charity navigator rating of 100%.

Besides, 91% of the expenditures go towards their programs.

Operation Second Chance supports veterans in Virginia, DC, and Maryland. From her experience with injured veterans at Walter Reed, Cindy decided to form a nonprofit foundation.

Operation Second Chance helps families reach the hospital via air transport. Also, it pays the veterans’ monthly expenses for the first months of recovery.

This charity also provides scholarships not exceeding $2500 for every dependent child annually.

Putting financial aid aside, living in a hospital can make you feel lonely and bored. So, the foundation organizes community service volunteers to visit the veterans at the hospital.

During these visits, volunteers bring along food items and games. That way, caregivers develop lifelong relationships with the soldiers.

The hospital visits make Operation Second Chance stand out among other charities doing the same work.

4. Operation Homefront

Usually, there’s a long gap after military pay ends and the start of veteran’s benefits. In most cases, military families only have one source of income.

So, financial problems start piling up when that source is on hold. Operation Homefront aims to offer veterans support during such hard times.

This measure ensures that short-term money issues don’t go beyond control.

Operation Homefront enjoys a charity navigator rating of 87.44%. Also, 91% of what the foundation spends goes into its various programs.

There are three essential veteran programs under Operation Homefront. These include financial support, transitional housing, and veteran caregiver support.

The foundation provides financial aid to military families in immediate need. The financial support helps to cover mortgage payments, overdue bills, and utilities.

The other financial help can go to baby items, groceries, and car and home repairs.

Transitional housing helps military families with no place to stay. This allows these families have a shelter while waiting for veteran benefits.

In some cities, veterans can live in rent-free apartments and homes for not more than three years.

The veteran caregiver support program helps military veterans who want to buy a home. Operation Homefront provides mortgage-free homes to such families.

Also, you get counselors who will prepare your family for new homeownership. More than 500 families that started this program have graduated.

Now, these families own homes mortgage-free.

Caregivers undergo peer-to-peer support, coaching, and retreats under the veteran caregiver support program. This allows caregivers to feel valued and motivated.

5. Air Warrior Courage Foundation

Military aviators created this foundation to take care of veterans from the air force. The foundation works with the Virginia Red River Valley Flight Pilots Association to support vets.

Air Warrior Courage Foundation provides financial support for medical and educational expenses. Also, the foundation covers other extraordinary costs not provided for by the military support systems.

Charities for Veterans

The above list of military charities mentions just a few foundations working hard to support veterans and their families.

Some organizations are small and can only handle local issues. Others enjoy countrywide recognition.

Be sure to send your contributions to the military charities of your choice to support the veterans.

Contact us to learn more about our support for veterans charities.