October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month: How To Get Involved

According to the American Cancer Society, 287,850 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in women in the U.S. in 2022. Of these cases, 43,250 women will die from this disease. 

Aside from skin cancer, breast cancer is one of the most common cancers affecting women. 1 out of every 8 women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. 30% of all new cancer diagnoses in women will be breast cancer. 

But breast cancer can also have an impact on men as well. An estimated 530 men will also die from breast cancer. 

October is breast cancer awareness month. If you're looking for ways to make a difference, there are many ways you can get involved. Keep reading below to discover more information on joining in to help the cause.

Wear Pink to Promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Pink is the official color to promote breast cancer awareness. You can wear pink t-shirts, or you can opt for simple pink ribbons. The pink ribbon symbolizes those fighting breast cancer. 

Allies can also wear pink ribbons as a sign of solidarity to support friends and loved ones in their battle against the disease. Wearing pink also brings awareness to the breast cancer fight and promotes further advocacy. 

Because breast cancer is such a terrible disease, there are also clothing items that sport the slogan "Fu** Cancer" in a creative way to drive the point of its devastating effects home. Buying from fashion for charity sites will donate a portion of their sales to the cause for breast cancer awareness.

Help Out a Breast Cancer Patient Directly

One of the best ways you can get involved since October is breast cancer awareness month is to help out a breast cancer patient directly.

Cancer patients often need assistance with getting to and from their medical appointments. Undergoing chemotherapy leaves them weak and unable to drive. Signing up to drive cancer patients around means the world to them.

You can also sign up to do household chores like laundry and light housekeeping to help them in their homes. Meal trains are a great way to ensure they have nutritious meals already prepared.

If you don't have an immediate friend, family member, or co-worker battling breast cancer, check with cancer support groups to find out if they have a needs list. Or you can ask your local church if there is anyone struggling who needs some help. You'll also be providing them with a much-needed support system and appreciated friendship.

Remember that just because October is breast cancer awareness month doesn't mean you have to stop once it's over. Don't limit yourself to only one month of the year when you can make a difference all year long.

Knit Blankets and Hats

If you have more creative talents, knitting hats and blankets for breast cancer patients is another wonderful to show support. You can gift these items to cancer clinics to give out to those in need. 

The month of October can be especially cold, and breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy may lose their hair. Knitted beanies can help keep their heads warm, while knit blankets provide comfort during treatment. 

Organize or Participate in a Cancer Walk/Run

Since October is breast cancer awareness month, it's also a prime time for taking part in a breast cancer awareness walk or run event. These events are great for breast cancer survivors and supporters alike to bring awareness and raise money for breast cancer research. Many people also walk as a way to honor their loved ones who passed away. 

If there isn't a breast cancer walk or run event in your area, contact the American Cancer Society for information on planning and organizing your own. Even if it's just a small community event with your church or workplace, you can still make great strides in breast cancer awareness.

Getting a local business to sponsor your charity walk can also increase exposure for breast cancer awareness as well as improving the total amount of donations made to the cause.

Donate to Breast Cancer Research

If you are able to, you can also contribute to charity organizations directly related to breast cancer research. This money goes towards finding new methods of treating and diagnosing breast cancer. 

Reputable breast cancer organizations also provide lifesaving mammograms to women in underserved areas to detect cancer sooner. They may also provide lodging, transportation, and free or low-cost medical care for women who are unable to pay for their treatment and care.

There are resources available for counseling services as well to guide women through the difficult and uncertain process. Every little bit helps, no matter how small. A one-time donation or a recurring monthly gift can change lives. 

Create Your Own Fundraiser Event

There are so many terrific ways you can still promote that October is breast cancer awareness month in your own way. You don't need to limit yourself to traditional methods. 

Have a bake sale in your community and donate the proceeds to a breast cancer organization. Open up a lemonade stand for breast cancer awareness. Sell fun and festive decorative potted plants and flowers and contribute to charity.

If you paint, draw, make jewelry, do woodworking, or any other type of crafting, then set up a booth at a local craft fair. Donate a portion or a full percentage of your sales to breast cancer research and awareness causes.

Hold a fashion for charity breast cancer awareness event at a church or community center. Have everyone dress up in their finest outfits and strut the catwalk while promoting education, research, and raising money for breast cancer.

October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month at One Love Clothing

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