Be the Change You Wish to See: 7 Little Ways to Make a Difference

The world can feel like a daunting place sometimes but the best way to tackle that is to make a difference in any way you can. Perhaps you’re someone who has a positive view of life and wants to help your community thrive. However, it isn’t always easy to know where to start.

Fortunately, there are many different ways you can make a difference in your community and there’s something to suit everyone. For example, you may be passionate about the environment or want to help children learn and grow. Take a look at some of the different ways you could make someones day.

1. Protect the Environment

Doing all we can to protect the environment is more important than ever. Protecting the planet involves consuming less and therefore buying less. What you do buy should be disposed of in the most sustainable way.

It’s important to recycle as often as you can and reduce your food waste. Be mindful of recycling clothing and shoes or donating them to charity and recycling garden leaves or Christmas trees. 

Check if your community has an environmental project. You could do anything from picking up litter from the streets to helping to grow vegetables in your community allotment.

2. Donate to Charity

There are many worthy causes and charities to choose from. If you’re wondering how to make a difference without taking up too much of your spare time, donating to a charity could be an ideal choice. Make a list of the causes you’re passionate about and do some research on what charities are out there.

You may want to choose a local charity that you can get involved in when you have the time or a bigger, well-known charity that will appreciate monthly donations. Either way, your time and money will help someone know that they aren’t alone in their struggles.

3. Get Involved

There are usually lots of community projects to get involved with. Whether you’re helping to feed the homeless or donating Christmas gifts to children from the poorest families, it’s all worth your time and dedication. Talk to your local government representatives about ongoing projects in your area.

If you’re passionate about a particular project and there’s nothing set up in your community, why not start your project? All worthy causes have to start somewhere.

4. Get Political

Many people need someone else to be their voice. Getting involved in politics is a good way to make sure everyone in the community is heard. When the opportunity presents itself, why not consider running as a political candidate?

You’ll be able to get to know more people in your community and the issues they’re facing. The great news is, that you don’t necessarily have to be qualified to run for any of these roles. As long as you care about your community, you’re qualified.

5. Go Back to Learning

Educating yourself is one of the best ways to make a difference. Knowledge is a tool that can be frequently used to help others. For example, you may want to go back to learning so you can educate children.

Something as simple as reading a recipe book could help someone else manage their food bill. It’s worth checking if there are any free adult courses in your area and signing up at your local library so you have free access to books.

6. Keep Up With World News

It’s important to know what’s going on in the world so you can think about how you’d like to help. Stay abreast of world news by choosing reliable news sources that give you the facts. If you see something you want to help with, keep up to date with the situation and look for charities and organizations that are helping.

To be a helper, you’ll need to pay close attention to news reports and social posts to grab your opportunity before it slips away.

7. Follow Organizations on Social Media

Social media is the perfect place to find charities and organizations you’re interested in and keep up with their work. Not only is it an easy way to volunteer your time but you can also share updates with your connections. Sharing posts with your family and friends makes others aware of the work the organizations are doing and therefore more likely to gain help and donations.

Spreading the word is also an excellent reminder for others to make a difference in their communities. The more positivity spreaded, the better our world becomes.

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